Learning with Games

Today I attended Tedd Landgraf’s presentation on Learning with Games at Punahou.  Tedd challenged participants to think about the place for games in the classroom with an engaging and powerful video of Sir Ken Robinson in a TED Talk.  I’ve seen the video before and it was just as moving (and entertaining) as the first time I saw it.  I highly recommend it.  Tedd also shared some good reads – Play by Stuart Brown The Kids Are Alright by John Beck and Mitchell Wade. 

We spent the remaining time playing with SCRATCH, a free MIT programming application.  It is an incredible tool.  Simple and intuitive yet challenging – pushes you to think logically and sequentially.  It offers the perfect trial and error learning experience – you can create a “script”, run it, and immediately see if it works.  If it doesn’t, you can change the script and test again!  What a powerful tool for teachers to spice up assessment in the classroom or a great way to engage students in developing games as a learning and problem-solving experience.