Awesome Promethean IWB Resource

Our C.O.O. found this incredible blog, Technowellies Weblog, that offers helpful and thought-provoking resources on Interactive Whiteboards (in general) as well as specific training supports for Promethean IWBs and ActivExpressions. Check it out!

There is a very interesting presentation on interaction that prompts teachers to think about the way they are using their IWB. “… interactivity has come to stand for interacting with the board itself, not manipulating the concepts the teacher is teaching.” Their analysis of a case study showed that teachers conceived of interactivity in different ways and that impacted the type of pedagogy in the classroom.   The presentation challenges teachers to think of deep, meaningful interaction…

Pop Quiz: Which of the following best describes “interaction”?

  1. text + diagram + hyperlink = interactive
  2. choices + feedback + challenges = interactive

Key messages:

  • Don’t get caught “mistaking IWB for a pedagogy rather than a tool”.
  • The teacher makes all the difference. (We knew that!) What’s most important is how the teacher uses the tools available.