Step Up!

Calling all students who will graduate in 2013 or later (and their teachers and parents)… it’s time to step up!  It’s All About Kids is!  It’s time for students to pledge their commitment to earn the Hawaii State Board of Education’s Step Up Diploma.  The diploma is different from the regular high school diploma.  It includes more challenging coursework in math, science and writing, and it also includes the completion of a senior project.  Of course, the more rigorous diploma comes with some perks – first, students who earn this diploma will be even more prepared to succeed in today’s dynamic economy and, second, there are incentives attached to “stepping up”.  Long-range incentives include money for college (possible greater eligibility for scholarships), admission to Hawaii colleges (the BOE Step Up Diploma with Honors is recognized as eligibility for admission to select Hawaii higher education institutions), and some test exam waivers for job application processes.

It’s All About Kids is proud to join the effort as a Step Up partner.  Step Up is a community-wide campaign of Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education.  The campaign promotes career and college readiness for Hawaii’s high school students.  The goal is to have 75 percent of freshmen statewide pledge to earn this diploma.  Students have until January 31, 2010 to step up.  Click here to learn more about the campaign – are you ready to step up?