Online Learning Survey – state by state

The overall news is not entirely new or surprising (although very positive)… online learning continues to grow at a rapid pace. For the second year in a row, Florida was the No. 1 state in online education. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see Hawaii ranked as fourth nationwide!

This data is according to a new survey conducted by the Center for Digital Education (CDE) and titled “Online Learning Policy and Practice Survey: A Survey of the States” “at least 25 states now lead statewide online-learning initiatives… a dramatic increase from the 15 states driving programs only a year ago.” Education officials from 44 states provided insight that informed the report. The CDE ranked state programs looking at key areas such as program offerings, funding, policies, enrollment trends, course offerings, K-20 ventures, teacher licensing, and reform efforts.

The report presents very general information about online learning, tracking trends across states. However, it is not clear how CDE determined state rankings. So, while I’m pleased to see Hawaii in the top ten, I’m not exactly sure why… if you’re interested, you can find the report here.