Show me the money!

With funding a continual hurdle for teachers and administrators, I thought I’d share a few good funding resources:

  1. DOE-maintained database that lists a variety of grant opportunities, including pertinent information such as timelines, key requirements, and links to more information.  The goal of the resource is to increase awareness of funding sources and provide teachers and administrators with a convenient starting point.  The website just added a keyword search functionality which makes the resource more usable.  Perhaps in the future, the DOE will add the ability for users to register to receive automatic updates when information is added and/or revised.
  2. IAAK Funding Matrix – this simple, quick reference matrix aligns IAAK’s educational technology products with major funding sources.  It provides an easy way for teachers/administrators to determine which funding buckets can be used to purchase IAAK products.  Another excellent starting point in the pursuit of funds.
  3. eSchool News Grant and Funding Alerts – this monthly email newsletter (subscription-based, $35/year) provides succinct information on national funding opportunities.  I particularly appreciate the organization of this resource – the “New Grants this Issue” section highlights new opportunities, which enables you to do a quick scan rather than spend time reviewing older information.