Top Five K-12 Technology Trends

With the new year right around the corner, THE Journal spoke with a number of technology experts and schools districts to come up with this list of the top five K-12 technology trends for 2010.  Where does your school stand in adopting and using these technology tools?

  1. eBooks – while not ready to replace traditional text books, eBooks will gain traction this coming year.
  2. Netbooks – as they become less expensive and more functional, these will help address the digital divide as schools adopt one-to-one computing initiatives.
  3. More use of Interactive whiteboards – teachers are realizing the power of IWBs.  As Sheryl Abshire, chief technology officer for Calcasieu Parish Public Schools, states, “The buzzword for the 21st century is ‘engaged learning’, and the whiteboards will serve as a catalyst for getting students out of their seats and up to the board to learn.”
  4. Personal devices will be used in the classroom – teachers/administrators will integrate students’ technology devices (cell phones, iPods, etc.) in the classroom, leveraging their appeal and functionality to enhance learning.
  5. Technology will support Customized Curriculum – with new technology-based assessment tools, teachers and administrators will be able to track, monitor, and manage longitudinal performance data as well as assign individualized curriculum