Promethean Partnerships

There are some exciting new partnerships between Promethean and software/curriculum providers.  The shift is happening… comprehensive, classroom solutions are taking shape, making it easier and easier for teachers to capitalize on using diverse educational technology tools and resources in symphony to positively impact teaching and learning.

  • Promethean & Safari Montage:  These two developers have partnered to offer schools an integrated tool for creating, storing, and sharing digital lesson plans.  Teachers use Promethean’s ActivInspire software to create flipcharts, easily integrating educationally-sound digital media found via Safari Montage’s robust media libraries.  Then, teachers use Safari Montage’s digital media management system to upload, store, and share flipcharts with other teachers within a school or even district.  Teachers will no longer need to use removable media storage devices to share flipcharts… everything will live on the server and be easily accessible.  Even better news?  IAAK represents both Promethean and Safari Montage here in Hawaii, so call us to learn more.  Or, visit my previous post on digital media and Safari Montage here.  
  • Promethean & Waterford Institute:  Waterford has teamed up with Promethean to develop a set of ActivLessons designed to help early education teachers boost students’ reading comprehension.  The new Waterford Phonological Awareness ActivLessons feature a sing-along nursery rhyme, clickable illustrations, as well as researched teaching strategies designed to help students distinguish sounds when spoken.  President of Waterford, Benjamin Heuston, explains, “Developing Waterford ActivLessons for Promethean Planet community will allow us to adapt our proven early reading content into new, exciting teacher tools.  By harnessing the unique features of the ActivClassroom, such as ActivInspire, ActiVote/ActivExpression and ActivSound, we can partner with teachers to help students develop skills in phonological awareness and reading comprehension.”  Each of the ActivLessons will be available for purchase in bundles of three, individually, or by series on Promethean Planet.  You can download a free sample flipchart – I would recommend checking it out.  The illustrations are beautiful.  The interactivity is well-designed and there are excellent detailed teacher notes to ensure an effective delivery.  If nothing else, the free flipchart offers a “model” flipchart design to aspire to.  You can find more information about the Waterford ActivLessons here

 It’s exciting to think of the possibilities for teachers who are integrating such tools in their classroom!