Promethean Planet Updates

Promethean Planet is growing – getting bigger and better.  I’ve been blogging about some of the recent exciting news but here is a quick summary of additional updates:

  • Planet membership now exceeds 500,000 members!  Incredible!  What a wonderful pool of knowledge and resources to draw upon.
  • Free introductory online training course focused on the learner response systems, ActiVotes and ActivExpressions.  The course will cover how to register devices to minimize set up times, how to use the question wizard tool, how to use self-paced learning, and how to assign names to devices.
  • New language micro-sites – grown to 10… the latest include China, Kazakh, and Finnish
  • New premium content – see my previous post on Waterford Institute and Safari Montage 
  • New iPhone Application 1.2. now available
  • New beta community now available – including 1gb space for file sharing