21st Century Skills Assessment – gets even better

Learning.com has enhanced its 21st Century Skills Assessment… yet again.  The assessment now integrates a 12 question survey for students that asks questions about online safety, technology access outside of school, and how technology is used for schoolwork.  This data allows the state/district or complex area (or even school) the ability to correlate technology proficiency to access and use, and to flag needs for online safety education and/or counseling at the individual, school, or district level. 

Imagine the possibilities for a school/complex area/district that is ready and eager to leverage data to inform action.  With one online performance-based assessment, educators and administrators can gather psychometrically-valid data to inform instructional, curricular, technology, and counseling decisions to foster students who are prepared (both in ethics and skills) to contribute to our ever-changing society.  Never before have such powerful tools been available to schools – it’s now a question of if and how schools use them.  For more information about Learning.com’s 21st Century Skills Assessment visit the website or call 487-5437.