Common Core Curricum Maps

I previously blogged about how the common standards discussion has shifted from adoption to implementation. Not surprisingly, Common Core released K-12 curriculum maps in English Language Arts (draft form). The maps, written by public teachers, provide a framework for designing more detailed curriculum. I perused them today and here are my observations:
• The units are quite multi-disciplinary.
• An essential question frames each unit.
• Most units include varied activities such as using graphic organizers, class discussions, literary responses, multimedia presentations, etc.
• The list of Suggested Works is a great resource in and of itself.
• There are plans to add an Art, Music, and Media section to every map. Love this!

There is also a “Standards Checklist” that visually shows standards coverage by unit per grade level. It should be noted that these are not complete curriculums. Teachers will still need to differentiate activities and resources for different learners, develop rubrics, etc. Essentially, these maps are an excellent starting point for curriculum development. A wonderful tool for teachers to begin to unravel the common standards, saving them time, energy. Best of all, they are free. Common Core is asking for public comment on the maps until September 17. Check them out. They got me excited.