Perspectives on technology from educational leaders

I read an interesting article in eSchoolNews about educational leaders (superintendents) participating in technology academies to stay current when it comes to technology integration.  The academies provide a research-based foundation while providing leaders with collaborative application activities (i.e. creating a podcast).  It is refreshing to hear about superintendents dedicating time towards learning and thinking about technology.  The article presents some other resources for educational leaders, all focused on leveraging the power of technology to transform pedagogy.

I couldn’t resist perusing the organization’s blog and I found some interesting and relevant posts.  I particularly liked the post recommending shifting to a “student-centric” approach by thinking of teachers as mentors.  To me, a mentor/mentee relationship seems more informal, reflecting a sought out relationship based on friendship, mutual respect, and a genuine interest in seeing and experiencing success.  We’ve all had that one (or two, if you’re lucky) teacher who we felt was a “mentor”.  That teacher went beyond the normal “teacher duties” and seemed to really care about us and invest time in our growth.  The mentor made us feel special, full of potential.  What do you think – is it possible for teachers to become mentors and make all their students feel like that?  Wouldn’t that be remarkable?