STEM & Girls

Let’s keep the research theme going for this week… unfortunately, these findings aren’t so encouraging.  A study conducted by Florida Gulf Coast University and the University of Colorado at Boulder  on “Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” found that girls in the U.S. are not any more interested in STEM careers than they were 10 or 20 years ago.  The study showed that as students progress through school, interest in science wanes.  Researchers found that “… two-thirds of young children (boys and girls alike) said they like science.”  However, in middle school, the numbers dwindle, with many girls who take science in middle school, not continuing science study in high school.  The researchers point to a few possible explanations.  I’m highlighting just a couple – a “chilly” classroom climate for girls and a lack of female role models in science.  Think about your school’s science department – do these apply?