A must read

The Washington Post article, “How to fix our schools:  A manifesto by Joel Klein, Michelle Rhee and other education leaders” is worth the quick read, especially if you’ve been following the heated debate surrounding the recent documentary Waiting for Superman.  The manifesto highlights key components to education reform:

  • Teacher effectiveness – I appreciated the inclusion of the use of technology as a way to support teachers in doing their job.  Here are their thoughts:  We must equip educators with the best technology available to make instruction more effective and efficient. By better using technology to collect data on student learning and shape individualized instruction, we can help transform our classrooms and lessen the burden on teachers’ time.  To make this transformation work, we must also eliminate arcane rules such as “seat time,” which requires a student to spend a specific amount of time in a classroom with a teacher rather than taking advantage of online lessons and other programs.
  • Giving parents more options – school choice.
  • Making charter schools a viable option.

On a positive note, it’s really an exciting time to be in education.  It seems change  (true change) could be coming…