Waiting for Superman

I saw the hot new film on Tuesday night and have been dreading writing this post.  The movie made me feel angry, disgusted, hopeless, powerless, and… lucky.  I’ve been struggling with how I can capture and express all of it in one blog post.  So, my resolution?  I’m not going to.  You should see the movie and feel it all yourself. 

However, I will write this… the movie brings to light for the general public what those in the front line and those low-income families already know about our failing system.  In a way, through this movie, we are all made accountable for making it right.  After watching the film, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless.  However, visit the official website and you’ll feel better.  The website does an incredible job of outlining concrete things you can do to help make a difference.  Examples?  Write to your school board and demand great teachers or sign up to coach/tutor a child in your local community or volunteer to read to a child or donate books to schools… and the list goes on.  And, the resources to engage in such activities are all right there.  You’ll also find great videos, debates, conversations… I had to pull myself away from the site to finish my other work!  The site is powerful.

Finally, I’ll share two thoughts that hit home for me:

  1. Mitch D’Olier encouraging us “… to start caring more about other people’s kids.”
  2. In the film Geoffrey Canada said it is time for “… kids to believe again that education is a way out.”