It’s All About Numbers… today

Math is on the brain this morning… first, I read an Education Week article sharing that U.S. significantly lags behind nations in producing high-achieving math students.  In fact, 16 countries had at least twice the percentage of high-achievers in math.  What’s particularly interesting about this study is the focus on advanced math level – many studies focus on the average performing group of students. Then, I read an interesting article about the importance of parents talking to their toddlers about numbers and how that effects a child’s numeracy.  So much emphasis is placed on building toddlers’ vocabulary for reading readiness, while not much emphasis is placed on talking about numbers.  The study, “What Counts in the Development of Young Children’s Number Knowledge?” found that “…parents who used more number words in discussions when the child was 14 to 30 months old were more likely at 46 months old, or just at preschool age, to be able to answer accurately when shown two sets of four and five blocks and asked to point out the set of five.”  It’s not rocket science but as a mom of a toddler I appreciate the findings – especially as my daughter has just taken a huge developmental leap in numeracy and is counting with brilliant accuracy!