Transforming Education

I was hunting for research on the Promethean website and found this great paper that connects John Bransford’s five principles of learning to Promethean IWB application. Written by Sonny Magana, Promethean’s Director of Global Strategies, and Paige Frenkel, Promethean’s Education Strategist, the paper discusses the need for change (true change) in the classroom and describes the way technology can drive such change. The authors make an interesting point that the actual design of the technology plays a significant role in determining the impact it will have on learning. They highlight that many of the technologies that have entered the classroom have been business productivity tools simply re-purposed for the educational setting. These types of tools have transitioned teaching and learning but have not transformed teaching and learning. I would recommend reading the paper. It is dense with learning theory yet very easy to digest. I think this chart effectively describes how Promethean’s ActivClassroom was designed for an educational context: