The Twitter Revolution

Ok, ok, I admit.  Twitter is not part of my daily life.  However, it soon may be.  Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earth piece titled “Can 140 Characters Matter?” has inspired me to want to dive in and immerse myself in Twitter.  In his piece he shares an example of how an ecology professor, teaching about birds, asks students to tweet every time they see bird behavior.  The result?  Engaged students and a running record of their output.  Revkin summarizes, “Most important, at the end of the term, many students told her they’d never really observed birds until that exercise — which exploited their screen and key focus as a route back to the “real” world.”

Revkin also shares some tweeters’ thoughts about tweeting.  Here are some interesting ones:

  • What inspires you to tweet?
    An observation or idea that is incomplete, that could excite, amuse, inform or spread. A question in search of an answering cloud.
  • 140 characters of advice for a new user?
    Tweet global. Follow someone from Bhutan, Mali. Test beliefs by following some who seem different. Tweet what inspires more than what angers.
  • What is one of the biggest misconceptions of Twitter?
    The big misconception is that Twitter is for TELLING OTHERS what you’re lunching on. The truth is, Twitter is for LISTENING & learning.