The Promethean Activboard in action with special needs kids

Today I visited a school that is dedicated to educating students with special needs.  I wanted to see how teachers integrate the Promethean IWB into teaching and learning.  In one room (multi-age, grades 1st-3rd), the teacher used the board with individual students.   She asked a student to come to the computer (connected to the board) and type words she said aloud (“sheep”, “weep”, “jeep”).  The student evenly spaced out the words using the tab key.  Then, at the board, the student used the pen tool (extra thick) to cover the words so they were hidden from view (layers in action).  Using the eraser tool, the student then erased the pen mark to reveal each word (one at a time) and read the word to the teacher.

While a simple exercise, there was a lot going on.  Students demonstrated their spelling, word recognition, and reading skills while practicing their computer skills.  The act of typing and erasing (motor skills) helped to keep students engaged (physically and mentally).  Of course, the teacher was able to assess the student’s skills on the spot but using the screen recorder would have enabled the teacher to capture the student’s spelling (mistakes and corrections) and articulation to revisit later.