So much to celebrate…

A recent article in the Star Advertiser showcased an Arabic Language and Global Leadership course at Campbell High School.  There are so many successes to celebrate:

  • Hawaii students are expanding their world view in a very timely, relevant way.
  • As such, Hawaii students are changing others’ views.  “It’s changed the views of my parents,” said Codi Kelii, 17. “They always thought that the Arab world was bad, and thought about terrorism and stuff. I talk about the class and it’s changing their perception.”
  • The program highlights the possibilities when schools partner with nonprofits.  The curriculum was created by OneWorldNow! of Seattle and is administered by The Pacific and Asian Affairs Council and funded by the Qatar Foundation International.
  • The teacher utilized the Promethean ActivClassroom to implement the Jeopardy-style lesson, with the support of our very own PD Specialist, Cheryl.