Speak Up survey findings

Project Tomorrow released its annual report detailing the findings of the national Speak Up survey.  Over 380,000 K-12 students, parent, teacher, and administrators were surveyed.  Here are some interesting findings:

  • Forty-two percent increase over last year in the number of middle and high school students who own smart phones.  (Not surprising, I know.)
  • Fifty-three percent of middle and high school students said the largest obstacle they encounter when it comes to using technology in school is not being able to use their own smart phone.
  • Forty-six percent of high school students said they use social networking sites to collaborate with their peers on school work.

So, not surprisingly, kids are using technology tools outside of school for more than simply social purposes and are frustrated that they have to ‘power down’ when they walk into a classroom.

  • Here’s the major gap:  in response to the question, “Is your school doing a good job using technology to enhance learning and/or student achievement?”, 74 percent of high school teachers and 72 percent of high school principals said yes, while only 47 percent of high school students agreed.

Of course, we could chalk this up to the ‘generation gap’ between digital natives and immigrants… but is that still an acceptable argument these days?  What if we asked students to design a school and curriculum?  What do you think they would come up with?  Or, better yet, what if we included parents in the discussion… another new trend that emerged from the survey – “parents as co-teachers”.  Read the eSchool News article on the survey here.