Variety School – PacRim Conference

Yesterday I attended the 27th Annual Pacific Rim International Conference on Disabilities.  We were there to support one  of our partners, Variety School.  Two teachers and three students from Variety School shared how the Promethean ActivClassroom has positively impacted teaching and learning.  The Head of the School kicked off the presentation by introducing the “cast of characters” and commenting on how the public-private partnership formed between the school and IAAK has been mutually beneficial and meaningful.  We couldn’t agree more.  It has been such a wonderful journey following and supporting the entire Variety School community (leadership, teachers, and students) throughout the adoption process.  The teachers have quickly become proficient users, effectively leveraging the affordances of the technology to better meet the needs of their learners.  We’ve learned quite a bit from them, specifically how to integrate flipcharts into daily routines to help students become more self-aware and engaged. 

While the teachers did an excellent job sharing lesson examples and highlighting the outcomes of such activities/tools in the classroom, it was the students who stole the show.  They eagerly and enthusiastically completed a variety of activities on the ActivBoard.  The entire presentation was inspiring for many reasons.  It was very apparent that these teachers have a passion for teaching and that they care very deeply for their students.  These teachers model “lifelong learning” – they enthusiastically adopted a new tool, integrated it in ways to support their instructional practices, while continuing to identify new and different ways to use the technology to support teaching and learning.  Special thanks to the team at Variety School for the great work you do!