Cool resources

I stumbled across these interesting tools and thought I’d share. 

  • Storybird:  a beautiful site with a beautiful purpose.  Storybird supports collaborative storytelling, inspired by art.  The site offers lovely and diverse artwork that serves as a springboard for a story.  You can invite a friend to join your story.  You can share your story with others.  There are also monthly challenges (April’s was ‘Beginnings’) to jumpstart creativity.  It also offers a venue for artists to showcase their work and watch it bloom into stories.  Free. 
  • Pixton:  Who doesn’t love comics?  There’s a unique art to crafting a successful comic – achieving the right balance of visual and written expression.  You can explore that with Pixton.  Pixton is not just a comic creation tool but a robust online collaborative environment.  IWB-integrated and standards-based, Pixton offers a project bank with rubrics.  Teachers and students can review, comment, and rate comics.  Minimal fees based on your use.

Have fun!