The Khan Academy has a vision

We’re all familiar with the Khan Academy.  If you’re not, check it out here.  This Big Think piece tells the story of how the Khan Academy can to be.  There is also a two minute video within which Mr. Khan himself talks about what he visions as the classroom of the future.  Many of the elements are not new – multi-age, mastery-based, differentiated content and pace, technology to capture data to inform instruction – but what I liked was how he described “success”.  He emphasized the role of kids as teachers and the “power of peers”.  He deems success as a child being respected by his/her peers not because he’s the best at fractions but because he/she is a good teacher.  Mr. Khan describes being a good teacher as being able to communicate effectively, empathize with peers, and always willing to help.  Perhaps that’s what we need to do – rethink what success looks like and go from there.