Teachers using social media as learning channels

How do you, as an educator, grow and learn?  It’s worth pausing to think about.  As educators, we all talk about being ‘lifelong learners’ but how do you learn how to be a better teacher?  In other words, what resources (people, print, digital, etc.) do you rely on to help you do your job better?  Do you walk down the hall and talk to a colleague?  Do you pose a question or problem to friends in a Ning?  Do you search the Internet for resources?  Do you wait for the next “professional development” day?  Check out this interesting discussion, sparked by Scott McLeod’s post about Twitter, in which McLeod poses the question – at what point will teachers be expected to use social media to improve their practice?

I have to admit – there is quite a bit of ‘noise’ out there and it can be all-consuming and distracting but amidst the ‘noise’ there can be clear melodies that not only inspire but also positively change teaching and learning.  So, perhaps a good starting point is to learn the skill (and art) of using social media for professional advancement…


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