Coming soon: Another layer to the Internet

The beauty (and power) of the Internet as we know it is that it offers everyone and anyone the opportunity to express their “voice”.  The Internet has become a platform for our voices.  Now, with the latest innovation, SoundLink, the notion of “voice” will take a new dimension, that of being heard.   SoundLink, developed by entrepreneur Chris Andrews, is an application that allows anyone to take a link and lay their voice over it.  Users record themselves speaking about a web page and then combine the URL with that recording to create a single link: a soundlink. With one click, you can not only see the website but hear a person’s particular perspective about the site content.  Hmmm, interesting, right?

The article includes thoughts from David Weinberger, a senior researcher at the Berkman Center For Internet and Society at Harvard University, who highlights two essential thoughts:  1) listening takes longer than reading, and 2) personal connections will come into play – i.e. would you want to listen to Joe Shmoe’s SoundLink?  However, think about the implications for the classroom… wouldn’t it be neat for a student to visit a number of websites on a topic and analyze the content for authenticity, all the while recording their “thinking” process?  I’m very curious to see (and hear) how SoundLink works.  Yet another innovation that highlights the prevalence of multimedia in our lives… Read an article about the innovation here.


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