ISTE Reflections: Infographics

While at ISTE I attended an interesting presentation on infographics by Kathy Schrock.  We all know and love Kathy Schrock.  She discussed infographics as creative assessments.  It was great – fresh and inspiring, reminiscent of my days studying visual literacy at Stanford.  The concept of infographics addresses 21st century skills – media fluency, information fluency, and creativity fluency – as well as Common Core standards by challenging students to take complex information and distill it down to create a visually appealing graphic that clearly and concisely tells the story.  She shared numerous examples – USA Today’s daily graphic on the front page, GOOD, an integrated media platform with a whole section devoted to infographics, and this fun one about flags.  Also, David Warlick maintains an ‘Infographic a Day’ site.  Infographics are the ‘21st century’ way to communicate/present information and naturally should be integrated into classrooms, helping students build their 21st century fluencies.  I think I’ll set a goal for myself to create an infographic on a topic of interest by the end of the summer. Stay tuned.


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