Summer Learning

It’s been a summer of learning for me – first ISTE and now Punahou’s Summer Technology Lab and Hanahauoli’s Institute of Teaching and Learning.  I’m learning a lot and desperately seeking some down time to process, absorb, explore, and think about how all of it fits into our work with schools.  The potential is exciting.  I’ll share the big themes and poignant thoughts now and details later (after I have my down time):

  • 21st century skills – focus on key fluencies – information fluency, solution fluency, creativity fluency, collaboration fluency, media fluency (Lee Crockett, 21st Century Fluency Project)
  • “Interest precedes learning.”  Let students follow their interests.
  •  Teach students to be thinkers.  “Are you asking students to think or to remember?”  (Dr. Peters, Hanahauoli)
  • “When the content fades, the process stays.”  (Crockett)
  • “Your role as a teacher is to make memories.”  Gary Stager said this at a presentation at ISTE.  This statement is quite powerful.  Think about how relevance and emotion tie into this and the implications for teaching.
  • Students as makers.  The buzz was about kids making 3D models, creating infographics, etc. – all with an emphasis not only on the actual content or information shared but also on the presentation, specifically the visual aesthetic and usability/readability of the information.  Design is in the air!
  • iPads, iPads everywhere… or are they?  Lots of buzz about the use of iPads to differentiate learning, make learning mobile.
    It’s like we’ve all gone app-crazy.

Stay tuned… more to come.


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