Day Two of the Common Core

Last night’s news featured a story on the Common Core State Standards implementation. Click here to watch the video and/or read the short article. The aims of the CCSS are pushing teaching and learning in the right direction – focusing on college and career-readiness at all grades, increasing the level of rigor and critical thinking in the classroom. Read my past blog posts on the Common Core here.

However, I have to admit I was surprised to hear the news story emphasize how teachers will need to “improvise” since textbooks have not changed to align to the CC. Coming from an educational technology perspective, nearly all electronic software and content providers have already aligned content to the CCSS. (Guess this speaks loudly about the “fluid” and “flexible” nature of educational technology.)

I was even more surprised to hear the teacher in the clip say she does not know “specific details” of the CC. How can she effectively integrate the CC, if she doesn’t know the details? Hmm. I know for a fact that the DOE has provided professional development to K-2, and 11th and 12th grade teachers since IAAK helped to implement some of such trainings. So, it is a bit alarming to hear a teacher say she is lacking information about the CC. It would seem that understanding the new standards be required at this point, serving as the foundation to ensure effective implementation of the standards. Or, perhaps I’m too critical – as it is only day two?!



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