Alan November coming to Hawaii

Thought leader Alan November will present the keynote at the Schools of the Future conference in just over two weeks.  To learn more about his background and recognition in the educational technology world click here.  What I appreciate most about Alan November is that his big ideas sprout from practice.  He tells stories about his experiences (and those of his friends and colleagues) that so powerfully highlight his ideas.  So, what are his big ideas?  Here are a few…

  1. The notion that students’ interest should drive learning, empowering them to “own the learning”.   And, if teachers let that happen, learning will naturally be rooted in a real-world context.
  2. Purpose is the ultimate motivation for students.  Students should “leave a legacy”; be active publishers of content for a global audience.
  3. Peer teaching is vital.  Kids like learning from other kids and kids like teaching other kids.
  4. And, finally, teachers are more important than ever.

Be sure to attend the Schools of the Future Conference to hear Alan November speak!  For more information about the conference, click here.


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