Ed tech to support the implementation of Common Core

IAAK has formed a partnership with the Common Core Institute, collaboratively offering professional development to teachers and administrators on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards.  Kevin Baird, Chairman of the Common Core Institute, has been facilitating these sessions, providing participants with background on the Common Core, highlighting the “big idea” behind the new standards, and helping teachers unravel how to take their existing curricula and practices and refine to effectively address the Common Core.  After the trainings, teachers reported feeling less anxiety about the CCSS, more aware of the levels of cognitive demand, and more confident in their ability to develop unit plans that align to the CCSS.

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Baird will be presenting the keynote at the Principals & Educational Technology Conference on October 19 at the Hawaii Convention Center.  Mr. Baird will be focusing on how teachers and administrators can leverage existing technology solutions to support the implementation of the Common Core.  Mr. Baird is extensively involved in the Common Core initiative, serving as the Chairman of the Common Core Institute and Chairman of the National Partnership for School Leadership Development and a committee member on the State Collaborative for Assessments and Student Standards with the Council of Chief State School Officers.  Mr. Baird began his career as a technology teacher and has since been involved in education policy, worked in educational publishing, and now works with schools to support reading improvement, school organization change, and the effective use of technology.  Mr. Baird holds a MBA in International Management and a BA in Sociology & Anthropology from Carleton College.  Mr. Baird is a Wingspread and Beinecke Scholar, and is a member of the Secretary’s Circle of Phi Beta Kappa.

Join us on October 19th at the conference… for more information click here.