3D Printed Car

Say what? Yep, that’s right… part of the Urbee, a concept car, was printed using a 3D printer!  The Urbee uses electric motors and is backed up by a small ethanol-powered engine, capable of 200 miles per gallon.  According to project leader Jim Kor, “the use of ‘additive manufacturing’, where layers of material are built up, or ‘printed’ to form a solid object, contributed to the car’s green credentials.”  There are plans for the car to go commercial in 2014.  I blog about it today because it highlights the possibilities.  Think about the implications!  3D printing has primarily been used for prototyping but recent advancements show that it can actually be a solution for creating usable physical objects.  The process has the potential to revolutionize the ways things are made while re-defining the role of designer and maker.  Very cool stuff!  Read more about the Urbee here.


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