Tech Evolution

A few moments and events recently have made me pause and reflect on the way technology is changing our lives.  As we embrace new technologies and they so seamlessly become integrated in our daily routines, we often (at least I do) neglect to pause and think about the change or transformation.  This Big Think blog post “Ray Kurzweil:  The Six Epochs of Technology Evolution” made me not only pause and think but also write this blog.  Kurzweil emphasizes the idea that it will be harder to distinguish human and machine.  He says, “The bottom line is we are one human-machine civilization. This technology has already expanded who we are and is going to go into high gear when we get to the steep part of the exponential [curve].”  It reminds me of a “question of wonder” asked by a teacher in a simulated activity – “Are machines living?”  Ah, the future will be so interesting, won’t it?  Almost mind-blowing…  Check out the post and guaranteed you’ll be lured into watching some other videos of Kurzweil.


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