Public perception of the Common Core

Achieve conducted a national survey in August, polling the public’s general awareness and perceptions of the Common Core State Standards.  The findings are not terribly surprising but worth noting as we, as educators, continue to embrace and execute this potentially transformative initiative.  Here are a few of the key findings:

  • We all agree our current education system is not working well.  Only one in 10 voters believe public education is working pretty well right now.
  • Awareness of the common standards is low among the general public. 
  • Among voters who are aware of the CCSS, there is a mixed impression, with the same percentage having a favorable and unfavorable view.
  • Among teachers who are aware of the CCSS, there is generally a more favorable view.
  • There is strong support for common assessments among states, but also disagreement as to how the results of the assessments should be used. The general public strongly supports using the results for a full range of accountability purposes, while teachers are more skeptical of using test results for such purposes.

To see a PowerPoint presentation or read the full report, click here.


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