I want a coach.

A professional friend posted this great article called “Personal Best” in The New Yorker and I had to share.  It’s a wonderful piece that unravels what it means to be an “expert” and achieve your “personal best”.  It’s a must read.  The author is a surgeon who describes his self-reflective journey which results in hiring a coach to improve his abilities.  Here are a few quotes to entice you to read the article:

  • The concept of a coach is slippery. Coaches are not teachers, but they teach. They’re not your boss—in professional tennis, golf, and skating, the athlete hires and fires the coach—but they can be bossy. They don’t even have to be good at the sport.”
  • “Bad coaching can make people worse.”
  • “The greatest difficulty, though, may simply be a profession’s willingness to accept the idea. The prospect of coaching forces awkward questions about how we regard failure.”
  • Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance. Yet the allegiance of coaches is to the people they work with; their success depends on it. And the existence of a coach requires an acknowledgment that even expert practitioners have significant room for improvement.”

I’m convinced.  I want a coach!  You can find the article here.


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