Using Current Events in the Classroom

International Education Week 2011 (November 18th) helped us focus on global education.  So does the current dialogue around 21st century learning.  The idea is that by broadening students’ perspective, learning will become more relevant and interesting.  Secretary Duncan stated during International Education Week, “We must work together to give all of our students an outstanding education, which includes learning about our global partners-their cultures, histories, languages, values, and viewpoints. We must focus on integrating international perspectives into our classrooms. It is through education and exchange that we become better collaborators, competitors and compassionate neighbors in this global society.”

So the question for teachers is – how are you focusing on global education in your classroom and could you be doing it better (more consistently or in a more engaging manner)?  Some teachers leverage the real deal – newspaper articles (excellent integration of non-fiction text) – and many use printed publications for children (Time for Kids, National Geographic, etc.) and some even use web-based news sites to integrate multi-modal resources.  Another option – perhaps a bit more “21st century”- is Channel 1 News Interactive.  The subscription-based Channel 1 News Interactive channels daily news broadcasts into classrooms along with corresponding interactive activities and lessons.  Often times the news broadcasts are hosted by student reporters and feature youth perspectives.  Seamlessly integrated with Promethean’s ActivExpressions, students can respond to questions about the content, stimulating thinking and assessing understanding.

The videos, animations, and interactive lessons appeal to today’s 21st century learner and build teachers’ technology fluency skills.  Each daily resource is multi-disciplinary, including math, language arts, social studies, and science activities.  The powerful resource offers teachers an easy way to…

  • Integrate dynamic content in the classroom
  • Ground learning in real-world events
  • Increase global awareness
  • Enhance student engagement
  • Effectively use technology

To learn more about Channel 1 News Interactive, click here or call us at 487-5437.


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