Supporting the home-school connection on Molokai at this week’s innovative ‘Ohana Night

Time and time again, we observe evidence of technology creating bridges, fostering equity in the classroom, and supporting collaborative learning, and providing enriching learning opportunities – regardless of how old, how skilled, or how knowledgeable the learners are.  This is the power of technology for learning.  On Monday, December 15th at Kualapu’u Elementary Public Conversion Charter School on the island of Molokai parents, children, teachers, and administrators learned side-by-side, discovering how a curricular resource like BrainPOP can foster meaningful dialogue and skill-building. 

Kualapu’u Elementary Public Conversion Charter School seeks to encourage bridging school with the home and supports the family as the child’s first teacher.  As such, the school often provides Parent Learning Opportunities (PLO).  This PLO, however, was unique in that it focused on technology – how a web-based curricular resource offers hands-on, engaging, and relevant learning opportunities for both parent and other family caregivers (yes, even tutu and aunties joined us) and child.  It’s All About Kids was proud to partner with the school to design, develop, and implement the PLO.

The goals of the evening were to:

  • Bridge school with the home and support the family as the child’s first educator;
  • Model and promote collaboration and sharing among parents/caregivers, students, and the school community so that the school can learn from the “home” and vice versa;
  • Build digital literacy awareness and skills to increase access and use of high-quality online resources, not to mention re-defining “screen time”;
  • Showcase how the computer with appropriate, educationally-sound resources can be a powerful tool for parent-child interaction and “family time”;
  • Have fun and learn!

The evening was a success…

  • All attendees shared positive feedback and requested more events like this parent engagement event.
  • Principal Trinidad showed her commitment to the vision by offering parents/caregivers access to school computers to use BrainPOP, if needed.
  • According to Principal Trinidad, “… since the workshop a parent told me that they used BrainPOP for their 8th grade child to understand linear equations.  Also, grade one teachers are immediately using and looking for topics to supplement math instruction.  The use of videos helps children understand concepts in simple form.”
  • The best quote of the evening?  A second grade students turned, smiled, and said, “This is fun!”
  • A dad shared, “Our kids can’t stop talking about BrainPOP!  What a great alternative to television and video games!  Excellent!”

Mahalo to the Kualapu’u School community for its good work and commitment.


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