About IAAK

It’s All About Kids (IAAK) is Hawaii’s leading educational technology solutions company, providing innovative and flexible solutions to meet schools’ needs.

With five years of experience partnering with over 100 schools throughout the state, IAAK develops effective and engaging educational programs using a variety of research-based curricula, interactive tools, and best practices to help K-12 students experience academic success and achievement.

IAAK’s team of local educators and curriculum specialists apply their understanding of Hawaii’s unique cultural and educational landscape to identify products and services that will efficiently address current and future needs.

It’s All About Kids’ (IAAK) programs are designed to offer learners, educators, and parents supplemental tutoring and educational services & products for kindergarten through high school students through hybrid and online learning platforms. Our programs utilize CompassLearning™, e2020™, Learning.com, and/or Study Island™ educational software in combination with on-site or online tutor support/coaching to engage learners to build their knowledge and skills. Promethean™, a suite of interactive tools (whiteboard, learner response system, ActivSoftware, etc.) enable teachers to transform teaching and learning. To enhance student engagement in IAAK programs, IAAK, working with uBoost, integrates a rewards platform to motivate and reward students’ incremental success in learning, further reinforcing the positive connection between education and future success. Key to IAAK’s programs’ success is continuous support, training, and evaluation.

Please visit our website at http://www.iaak.net for more information.