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Good Idea Grant

With today’s budget constraints, teachers are getting more creative in finding ways to support innovation in their classrooms. A Hawaii teacher we work with was awarded a Good Idea Grant last year and used the funds to integrate technology into her middle school math classroom. We were inspired by her dedication and creativity, and excited about the impact her “good idea” had upon her students.

If you have an exciting curriculum idea that involves your IAAK supported software or hardware solution(s), we want to hear about it! Consider applying for a Good Idea Grant and use our team as a resource to help brainstorm ideas, assist in the application process, and if you achieve success, to support the implementation of your idea!

As stated in the application, “Good Idea Grants are designed to support K-12 teachers and schools in their efforts to encourage a curriculum that is driven by problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and requires students to actively engage a situation in order to find its solution. Students, therefore, become creative, innovative, and critical thinkers”.

Grants up to $3,000 each will be awarded to support innovative programs that strive to increase student interest and academic achievement.

Grants up to $7,500 each will be awarded for the development, improvement or expansion of innovative instructional programs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as well as programs that integrate and apply STEM learning across other disciplines.

Have a good idea? Go for it and let us know how we can help!


Readers of eSchool News Select Top Resources for 2012

This article highlights 50 technology programs and services that readers selected as winners for 2012.  You’ll see some familiar ones and several unique ones.  The resources are quite varied – ranging from LMS platforms to math curricula to assistive technologies to digital books – so it is worth a quick scroll through.  Two products on the list that we know quite well are BrainPOP and Safari Montage!

Promethean Partnerships

There are some exciting new partnerships between Promethean and software/curriculum providers.  The shift is happening… comprehensive, classroom solutions are taking shape, making it easier and easier for teachers to capitalize on using diverse educational technology tools and resources in symphony to positively impact teaching and learning.

  • Promethean & Safari Montage:  These two developers have partnered to offer schools an integrated tool for creating, storing, and sharing digital lesson plans.  Teachers use Promethean’s ActivInspire software to create flipcharts, easily integrating educationally-sound digital media found via Safari Montage’s robust media libraries.  Then, teachers use Safari Montage’s digital media management system to upload, store, and share flipcharts with other teachers within a school or even district.  Teachers will no longer need to use removable media storage devices to share flipcharts… everything will live on the server and be easily accessible.  Even better news?  IAAK represents both Promethean and Safari Montage here in Hawaii, so call us to learn more.  Or, visit my previous post on digital media and Safari Montage here.  
  • Promethean & Waterford Institute:  Waterford has teamed up with Promethean to develop a set of ActivLessons designed to help early education teachers boost students’ reading comprehension.  The new Waterford Phonological Awareness ActivLessons feature a sing-along nursery rhyme, clickable illustrations, as well as researched teaching strategies designed to help students distinguish sounds when spoken.  President of Waterford, Benjamin Heuston, explains, “Developing Waterford ActivLessons for Promethean Planet community will allow us to adapt our proven early reading content into new, exciting teacher tools.  By harnessing the unique features of the ActivClassroom, such as ActivInspire, ActiVote/ActivExpression and ActivSound, we can partner with teachers to help students develop skills in phonological awareness and reading comprehension.”  Each of the ActivLessons will be available for purchase in bundles of three, individually, or by series on Promethean Planet.  You can download a free sample flipchart – I would recommend checking it out.  The illustrations are beautiful.  The interactivity is well-designed and there are excellent detailed teacher notes to ensure an effective delivery.  If nothing else, the free flipchart offers a “model” flipchart design to aspire to.  You can find more information about the Waterford ActivLessons here

 It’s exciting to think of the possibilities for teachers who are integrating such tools in their classroom!

Continuing on the theme of multi-media… SAFARI Montage expands

Given that the average American consumes the majority of their information from multi-media sources (see previous post), it seems that educators would strive to integrate more multi-media resources in the classroom.   The perfect solution?  SAFARI Montage.   By utilizing SAFARI Montage, you will never again need to worry about:

  1. copyright issues  
  2. spending way too much time trying to find high-quality educational video resources that suit your students’ age/maturity level
  3. having to fast forward through 80% of the video to get to the content you want your students to focus on

SAFARI Montage provides K-12 schools and districts a comprehensive solution for digital media networking and visual instruction.  Essentially, through one single interface, schools/districts can store, manage, and access all of their own visual resources as well as SAFARI Montage’s award-winning video-on-demand library, which includes resources from top publishers such as PBS, Schlessinger Media, The History Channel, National Geographic, and more.  SAFARI Montage’s unique media player is very sophisticated – no buffering, instant ability to slow down or speed up the video, add closed captioning with a click (great for special needs students) – are just a few of the cool features.  Also, teachers can customize and chunk video clips very easily, enabling teachers to select and share the exact content they want to.  Making the transition to digital media is easy and cost-effective with SAFARI Montage. 

Oh, and here’s some even better news… SAFARI Montage just expanded the number of video titles for grades K-12 to 2,500 videos and 13,700 images, bringing the total number of videos on the core and additional packages to over 7,000 videos and 20,000 images.  The K-8 Core Content additional resources enhance the 7th and 8th grade offerings in all subjects, including resources addressing career guidance in STEM occupations (very timely!).  Of course, true to SAFARI Montage’s high quality, all of the resources come from highly respected publishers and have been carefully reviewed by experienced curriculum specialists to ensure grade-appropriateness and standards alignment. 

To learn more about SAFARI Montage, call us at 487.5437.